When will the Lyric Controller be released?

07_Lyric_Camera_SnapshotAnticipation on the Lyric Controller has been a big talk in today’s Security industry. This is not a review of the Lyric Security System. Many organizations who deal with Honeywell, have been installing the Lynx series panels for decades now. The release of Honeywell’s Lyric Controller was postponed last year in September and delayed for “further testing”. Beta testers around the world are extremely satisfied with the functionality of the Lyric Controller and have began prospecting. The home security industry is changing. Many companies are switching from old school wired systems, to new and improved wireless security systems. With Honeywell’s SIX series sensors all being encrypted, it definitely set’s the standards for security. This is the first and only security product line that is using encrypting all the way down to the sensors! The new Lyric Controller will even have a camera that can be used to view your home and also programmed to send you a snapshot of whoever disarms the system.

Hackers, (which is basically those bad individuals who just so happen to know what they are doing) will have a hard time intercepting signals with these new sensors. How so? The Lyric Controller is programmed to only communicate by the special MAC address embedded into the sensors, so hackers will be unable to intercept signals. So why has the anticipation grown in the last few months? Honeywell representatives from the CES show have been more positive and enthusiastic about this upcoming release in April. They were showing off the nice new product line of the SIX series family. It’s predecessor, Lyric thermostat unnamedhas been a huge success in the Smart Home market. The April 4th Lyric release will bring a new wave to the security industry we are calling “Smart Home Security“! If you want to learn more about the lyric system just click on this link. For more information on SafeLynx Security Services please visit our smarthome page for residential or our commercial page for businesses.

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