Top 10 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Home Security Alarm Scares Off Robbers


There have been grumblings from some owners of security cameras over whether or not the added surveillance is a crime-stopper or a crime-watcher. This week a home Security Alarm Scares Off Robbers.

In this week’s top surveillance video, a home security system succeeded in not only capturing video evidence, but also in deterring the burglars.

A woman was across town when she received an alert on her smartphone that there was activity in her home. When she pulled up the live feed, she was surprised to see a group of young men inside. After realizing her home was being robbed, she activated her house alarm, which scared the group of burglars off within 10 seconds.


Police arrested one of the men involved in the break-in thanks to the video surveillance as police look for another suspect. It’s a perfect example of how a multi-layered security system can not only protect your home, but also help police nab the suspects so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

The security footage leads off this week’s Surveillance Videos of the Week! With SafeLynx’s digital video security, you can view live, streaming video in and around your home or receive clips and images of important events when they occur. You can even view video and receive notifications of activity in dark and low-light indoor environments for added peace of mind.

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