Honeywell Lyric Controller

Wow this is by far the best product I have seen released at the CES show 2016. The Lyric controller won higher rankings than anyone in the automation, home intelligence and wireless electronics category if it was up to me. I mean check out the design and imagine it in your home.

honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-1honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-2 honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-3 honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-4 honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-5(1)    honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-6  honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-7  honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-8  honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-9   honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-11(1)     honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-12  honeywell-lyric-home-security-system-product-photos-13(2)


What do you think about the design? It has the best encrypted 128-bit security key with the fastest response times using 4G and IP protocol. Z-wave is a wireless protocol that allows you to connect your stand alone devices like your wall outlets and light bulbs. It connects to a central hub (like the Lyric Controller)  allowing you to connect via your iPhone or Android from anywhere in the world! Stay tuned for the full video review. If you want a Certified Lyric installer to call you just go here.

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