Our FAQ answer questions that are asked most often by those looking to get security systems Naples fl, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lee county surrounding areas.

Home Security

What is a security system?

A system designed to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into a building or area. Security systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

How is a wireless home security system different from wired systems today?

A fully wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the home which communicate wirelessly to the central control panel, typically using radio frequency technology. The control panel will then communicate wirelessly to the outside world using a cellular “uplink.” Essentially, your system will have a cell phone of its own. A fully hardwired alarm system connects the sensors to the control panel with a network of wires, concealed within the walls and floors of your home.

Do I need a home phone or internet to get a security system installed?

The simple answer is no. Cellular can offer nearly the same level of reliability as traditional phone lines if battery units are well-maintained at your home. Traditional phone lines still offer the most reliable service for alarm communications, but they lack the speed and features of newer technologies. Internet is becoming more reliable especially when properly installed with battery backup equipment.

What happens when my home alarm goes off and I am not there?

The signal will be received at the monitoring center and then operator will attempt to contact the first person on the call list or home phone number. If no answer, the monitoring center will call the second person on the list. If no answer, they will dispatch the police and try to call the third person on the contact list. If contact is made with the first or second contact person, then a passcode/password must be given to cancel the call. If the code given is incorrect, dispatch will still occur.

Will my pet set of the alarm?

Pets can set off motion detectors but we can adjust as needed. We do also have other alternatives to motion detecting, i.e., glass breaks that can be discussed with your sales consultant.

Home Automation

What's Home Automation?

This technology gives you access to control and interconnect devices in your home from a mobile device or pc anywhere in the world. The term may be used for isolated programmable devices, like thermostats and sprinkler systems, but home automation more accurately describes homes in which nearly everything — lights, home audio, televisions, pools, heating and cooling systems — are hooked up to a remotely controllable network. From a home security perspective, this also includes your alarm system, and all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and any other sensors that are linked to it.

Can I control my home automation with my phone?

Home automation technologies like lighting and climate controls have evolved in the last few years to become smarter, and more usable, in part by allowing programming from smartphones and tablets. So again, you can control your home lifestyle needs in the palm of your hand.

Who monitors my camera's when I am away from home?

You can have our monitoring center monitor your cameras while away or you can retrieve the historical footage from the system.

What is the warranty on my system?

Most of our equipment is a one year of parts and labor. Please speak with your account manager as to what your equipment allows.

Will my alarm go off if I lose power to my home or business?

If the power goes out for a few hours, the alarm system will still work. As soon as you lose power, the battery back up on the panel will take over the system for approximately 24 hours.

What happens after the contract is expired?

If you do not contact the office about cancelling after your contract expires, your contract will automatically renew.

Can I cancel my contract?

You are able to cancel at the end of your signed contract. But please check with your sales consultant as to your contract terms. Early termination fees may apply.

How will I be notified of any new technology or upgrades for my home?

If you are on our emailing list, we will keep you updated on any new technology that has come to the market that might enhance your current system even more for your lifestyle and life safety.

What is the warranty on my system?

Most of our equipment is a one year of parts and labor. Please speak with your account manager as to what your equipment allows.

Feature Explanation

E-mail & Phone Alerts

Receive customizable text and email alerts to any number of recipients on all alarm events – alarms, arming / disarming, troubles, power loss, and more.

UL Listed Central Station

A live operator calls you to verify alarms. In the event of a real alarm, we dispatch the proper authorities. We monitor unlimited zones for burgulary, fire, or any other type of emergency and record all system arming / disarmings. Crash & Smash or APL included for applicable systems.

Phone or Internet

Your security system uses a phone connection or internet alarm communicator to report alarms to our central station. Daily supervision of internet communicators included and daily test timers on phone systems allowed.

Internet Monitoring

Interactive services such as Total Connect require an internet alarm communicator connected to your system. Daily supervision of internet communicator included.

Cellular Monitoring

The most secure and reliable communication path. SafeLynx activates your system’s cellular communicator and pays for the cellular data charges. Can be combined with internet for redundancy.

Arm / Disarm via Phone & Web

View live status of system and zones, and control your security system from anywhere using mobile app or computer.

Remote Z-Wave Control

With a Z-Wave enabled system, control lights, locks and thermostats when you’re not home for lifestyle convenience and energy savings.


Video Surveillance

View your property live through approved IP cameras and receive actual video clips when motion is detected. Video is stored online and can be downloaded as needed.

Cellular Communication

Interactive services such as Total Connect require an internet or cellular alarm communicator connected to your system. Can be combined with internet for redundancy.

Internet Communication

Interactive services such as Total Connect require an internet alarm communicator connected to your system. security systems naples fl, security systems naples fl, security systems naples fl