BOT Home Automation Doorbot

BOT Home Automation DoorBot- The Doorbell for Smartphone3

Doorbot is an all-in-one security and convenience device — with companion app — that gives you front door visibility and communication capabilities whether you’re home or away.

THE GOOD: BOT Home Automation’s Doorbot is a doorbell, camera, and intercom hybrid. Use the related Doorbot app to see live video of whoever just buzzed your front door and chat with them via two-way talk.

THE BAD: The video quality is lacking and the app’s “hold to talk” button is inconsistent at best.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Doorbot is an excellent idea however poorly executed — hold off for now and hope that this glitchy device improves with time.

I experienced poor video quality and found the two-way talk feature completely unusable. While a Doorbot-style product definitely has a place in the smart home market….one day, I’d skip this model and look for future iterations with improved performance.

-iRonic Techs

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